Lunch plates are served with homemade soup, jasmine rice, and roasted corn tea.

Red Lantern Pot Sticker (8p)
ground pork/shrimp/spinach/cilantro/7.95

Crab Rangoon (6p)
crab meat/cream cheese/fried wonton skin/7.95

Shanghai Spring Roll (3p)
ground beef/taro/4.95

Spicy Wonton* (5p)
ground pork/shrimp/ginger/hot chili oil/6.95

Red Lantern Greens
sautéed/broccoli/cauliflower/sugar pea/shiitake mushroom/cherry tomato/carrot/7.95

Yushan Tofu*
fried tofu/broccoli/shredded ginger/7.95

Kong Pao Tofu*
fried tofu/red bell pepper/onion/7.95

Mongolian Beef*
green and white onion/8.95

Garlic Beef*
minced roasted garlic/crushed black peppercorn/8.95

Beef with Cauliflower and Broccoli

General Tso’s Chicken*
sweet ginger glaze/8.95

Sweet and Sour Chicken
lightly-battered chicken/cherry-red sweet and sour sauce/8.95

Kong Pao Chicken*
red bell pepper/peanut/onion/8.95

Sesame Chicken*
lightly-battered chicken/sesame seed/8.95

Chicken and Shrimp*
garlic sauce/8.95

Coconut Curry Chicken
butternut squash/pearl onion/yellow curry/8.95

Beef Chow Fun
flat rice noodle/beef/bean sprout/onion/8.95

Singapore Rice Noodle
thin rice noodle/shrimp/barbecue pork/egg/bean sprout/curry/8.95

Shanghai Chow Mein
egg noodle/shredded pork/Chinese green/shiitake mushrooms/sweet soy/balsamic vinegar/8.95

Thai Rice Noodle
flat rice noodle/chicken/bean sprout/egg/basil/shallot/8.95

Chicken Fried Rice

Kimchi Beef Fried Rice*
beef/kimchi/egg/topped with crispy fried egg/8.95

Ja-Jang Noodle
fermented black miso/wheat flour noodle/beef/shrimp/squid/onion/zucchini/julienne cucumber garnish/12.95

Cham-Pong Noodle Soup*
wheat flour noodle/scallop/mussels/shrimp/squid/spicy broth/12.95